By: Pam Lowe

November 23, 2017

The Kinders, a husband and wife team who write songs for children conducted a concert on Monday, November 20 at Park Elementary. The elementary children and their teachers sang along to their happy songs. The Kinders have been coming to Park to perform in November every year for 15 years.

It all began one day when Paige Catt was tutoring Landon Brownfiel after school. Landon had been diagnosed with Lymphocytic Leukemia on December 15, 1999. Catt said that she was having a hard time motivating her to write during their tutoring sessions.

“I had Brian Kinder’s first CD sitting there and it had a picture of him and little boy on it,” explain Catt. Landon asked, “I wonder who that kid is?” Catt replied, “Let’s reply and find out.”

A few weeks later, Catt was coming home from Memphis on a Saturday night and her cell phone rang. It was Brian Kinder. Landon at the time was too sick to be around other children. Kinder came to school and performed a concert just for her. He also made a trip to Children’s Hospital and played for her as well.

This story has a happy ending. Today, Becky Brownfiel, Landon’s mother, says that prayers were answered and Landon is completely healed. The Kinders continue to play at Children’s Hospital on a regular basis. Paige Catt considers herselft a “Kinder Roadie” as they never know when she will show up to a concert.

As for the boy holding a banjo on the cover of the Kinder CD, “A Kid Like You”,  he was three year old Samuel Bassham, who lived across the street from the Kinders.

This article originally appeared in the Clay County Courier.

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