Oct 25, 2016 05:00 PM CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Brian and Terri Kinder have been singing songs for years. The couple makes up the duo The Kinders and has released 11 albums and 200 songs.

“The Beatles came to America and I was hooked wanting to be a Rock N’ Roll star,” says Brian Kinder.

Early in life Brian started writing music, but it wasn’t until decades later that he would see his music reach children.

While working as a teacher at Booker Arts Magnet School in Little Rock, he says, “Teachers came up to me and said ‘We need a song for a Martin Luther King program, so teach the kids a song.’ I couldn’t find a song, so I wrote a song that evening.”

It was a hit, so he continued writing, fun and uplifting songs for kids that provide a positive message.

“It’s such an important job that we have,” he continues.

“We have a tremendous responsibility,” says Kinder. “The thing that they hold most precious to them are looking up to us.”

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